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Logo Circular Economy
CPR Invest Circular Economy

CPR Invest Circular Economy - Addressing the urgency to shift to a more virtuous economic model - Society-wide benefits from a transition to a circular economy - A universe reflecting a circular approach all along a product’s journey

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Logo Blue Economy
CPR Invest Blue Economy

CPR Invest Blue Economy - Because protecting our planet requires a sea change - A global equity funds to support marine economic ecosystems and protect sustainably the oceans

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Logo H2
CPR Invest Hydrogen

CPR Invest Hydrogen - Hydrogen: a key solution for tomorrow’s net zero economy. A core global equity investment solution encompassing the entire Hydrogen value chain and integrating a sustainable investment framework.

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Climat Globe
CPR Invest Climate Action

CPR Invest Climate Action - Invest for your future, act for the planet. 

A global investment universe covering all sectors to encourage all efforts. An ESG (environmental, social and governance) approach to invest in a responsible way. A partnership with an environmental NGO to identify best practices.

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Global Disruptive Opportunities 3D
CPR Invest Global Disruptive Opportunities

CPR Invest Global Disruptive Opportunities aims to outperform global equity markets over the long-term - i.e. 5 years minimum - by investing in shares of companies which either establish or benefit - fully or partly - from disruptive business models.

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CPR Invest Education
CPR Invest Education

CPR Invest Education - The good equation to combine return potential with responsibility

A universal theme following us throughout our lives. An ecosystem relying on 3 educative pillars. An ESG approach for a responsible investing in education.

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Silver Age
CPR Invest Global Silver Age

CPR Invest-Global Silver Age aims to capitalize on a promising theme, the ageing of the population, by investing in high-potential companies.

It aims to outperform the global equity markets over a minimum five-year investment horizon by investing in companies that serve seniors, whose percentage of the population is rising constantly. 

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CPR Invest Social Impact
CPR Invest Social Impact

CPR Invest Social Impact - The fund’s objective is to outperform global equity markets over a long-term period (minimum of five years) by investing in international equities which contribute to social progress and to the reduction of inequalities around the world. The investment process integrates a sustainable approach.

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CPR Invest Megatrends

CPR Invest – Megatrends invests in funds that benefit from major global, economic, social & demographic, technological or environmental trends.

Its objective is to outperform global equity markets over at least 5 years by investing in those megatrends.

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Visuel fonds
CPR Invest - Global Lifestyles

CPR Invest Global Lifestyles - Surfing on long term consumption trends

Consumption theme is led by three main societal evolutions. Dynamics are global but also specific to geographical areas. Companies capitalizing on consumption trends.

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CPR Invest MedTech
CPR Invest MedTech

CPR Invest MedTech - Add technology to medicine to face the economic challenges of healthcare

Medical technologies to ease and improve healthcare & services on a daily basis. An investment universe including all kinds of medical technologies. ESG criteria taken into account while selecting stocks.

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CPR Invest - Food For Generations EN
CPR Invest Food For Generations

CPR Invest Food For Generations - From farms to forks, sustainably

Growth engines throughout the food value chain. A contemporary theme driven by long-term trends. A sustainable approach to meet the global food challenge.

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CPR Croissance Réactive
CPR Invest Reactive

CPR Invest Reactive is a subfund of the CPR Invest SICAV (Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable) governed by Luxembourg law and a feeder fund of CPR Croissance Réactive , an FCP (Fonds Commun de Placement) governed by French law and an international diversified fund invested in both fixed-income products (bonds, money-market) and in equities.

CPR Invest Reactive aims to tap into long-term gains on the international markets in a controlled risk framework.

CPR Invest Reactive offers no guarantee of principal or performance. Its recommended investment horizon is at least four  years.

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CPR Invest Global Resources

CPR Invest Global Resources - Be exposed to the dynamics of natural resources

Fully benefit from the theme of natural resources. Take advantage of multiple opportunities through the combination of three sectors energy, materials and gold. An active exposure to natural resources

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Future Cities
CPR Invest Future Cities

CPR Invest Future Cities - Invest in exponential cities, live in human cities

Sustainable urbanisation: a robust and long-lasting theme. A broad and diversified investment universe, to be exposed to all growth engines driving the theme. A responsible approach, to contribute to sustainable development stakes related to the theme and invest meaningfully.

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